Spartans, Bears repeat

WAILUKU — Rain or shine — in this case rain — the Baldwin High School boys and Seabury Hall girls keep reeling off Maui Interscholastic ...

Meanings of May Day

Monday is May Day. (No, not like the disaster call — that is one word, “Mayday,” and is radio shorthand for “My plane, boat or water wings have failed me and ...

Funding for our school

Well, the South Maui high school is now scheduled to have its first phase of construction completed in 2022. The school will be populated one ...

An eye on the future

People working to help homeless hold on to hope

George Frank Chopko, 78

George Frank Chopko, 78 of Lahaina, Maui passed away on April 24, 2017 at his residence under the care of his loving family and Hospice Maui. He was born on October ...

Loraine Green, 84

Angeline “Aunty Lani” Leilani Levi, 92

Sunflowers cause smiles to break out

Congratulations to Pacific Biofuel for selecting a beautiful product for the island of Maui. I wish them the best for success in their hard work, investment of time ...

Treat A&B no differently than other landowners

Post office demolition raises golf course concerns

How would you rate Donald Trump's first 100 days as president?