Report: Sewage spills don’t reach the ocean

From October to December last year, there were three wastewater spills in Maui County, but none reached the ocean, according to a report by the county Department of Environmental Management’s Wastewater Reclamation Division.

Two spills were in Wailuku in October, and the other spill was in Kahului in December.

Information on spills in the last quarter of last year, as well as the status of ongoing plans, programs and procedures involving the Wastewater Reclamation Division, are now available in the January 2013 “U.S. Environmental Protection Agency/state Department of Health Consent Decree Quarterly Report No. 54.”

The report may be found at the Department of Environmental Management, Wastewater Reclamation Division office at 2200 Main St., Suite 610 in Wailuku. It may be found online at; select “Current Wastewater Reports and Notifications.”

The report is generated due to the 1999 Consent Decree between the EPA, the state Health Department and Maui County to address the problem of sewage spills from Maui’s wastewater system.

The report summarizes the county’s efforts in complying with federal and state laws to prevent sewage spills. It includes updates on the status of ongoing plans, programs, procedures and projects defined in the consent decree to prevent/minimize wastewater spills in Maui County.

On Oct. 21, 112 gallons of raw wastewater overflowed into the backyard at a property in the 300 block of Liholiho Street in Wailuku. The spill was caused by roots in a mainline. The spill did not reach a waterway or the ocean.

On Oct. 25, 20 gallons of wastewater spilled around a manhole at Kaikoo Lane in Wailuku. It was caused by rocks blocking a mainline. The spill did not reach a waterway or the ocean.

On Dec. 25, 566 gallons of wastewater spilled around a manhole, roadway and storm drain along the 200 block of Ani Street in Kahului.

It was caused by a mainline blocked with rags and debris. The spill did reach a waterway but did not reach the ocean.

For 2012, there were seven wastewater spills in the county, with none reaching the ocean and just one that reached a waterway, the report said.

The Wastewater Reclamation Division also noted several accomplishments during the last quarter, which included the awarding of construction contracts for several force main and line replacements on Lanai.

Yearly inspections of food establishments were completed, with the county completing 187 inspections.

The county also reached 116 percent of its annual goal of periodic system flushing.

The county maintains a mailing list of interested parties who wish to receive the report each January. For copies of the report, to get on the mailing list or for more information, call Scott Rollins at the Wastewater Reclamation Division at 270-7417.