Political cartoon’s message based on false premise

I enjoy a good satirical political cartoon, especially if my reaction is “ouch.” However, for them to work they must be accurate in their basic premise.

The person who chose the Creators Syndicate cartoon for the Jan. 16 issue of The Maui News demonstrated a lack of understanding in basic macroeconomics. Result: Misled readership.

The premise ties together cutting spending and raising the debt ceiling in the same paragraph. This implies that raising the debt ceiling will allow more future spending. This assumption is faulty.

The discussion regarding debt ceiling has to do with paying for items we purchased in the past, or paying our credit card bill. This is a past action thing. The discussion regarding cutting spending has to do with future spending. The logic of this political cartoon is saying: “The way to get out of debt is to not pay our credit card bills and cut back spending next year.” I wouldn’t recommend this choice for any family, let alone our nation.

I believe that raising the debt ceiling should be an obvious thing to do as a moral nation. Discussing what we do as a nation with regards to not draining the treasury is another discussion completely.

If I have misread this cartoon, I apologize. However, that may simply demonstrate how poorly this particular cartoon transmitted the cartoonist’s satirical message.

Don Sprinkle