Parents are so busy, might as well blame the guns

When considering all of the recent drama and commentary regarding gun control, it seems that the Vulcans in an early “Star Trek” movie were correct. We are definitely not developed enough for first contact.

Have we forgotten about childhood cowboys and Indians? How about the cartoons where in hunting season it was OK to shoot the feathers or fur off of a duck or “wabbit” with no thought to the consequences?

OK, so kids get older, what can we do? Why not put paint guns in their hands and send them off to play? There, that’ll get them out of our hair for a while.

If all of that does not relieve parents of any accountability, give kids their own cellphones, computer, flat-screen TV, an iPad, cable access to adult movies and a key to the liquor cabinet. What was that? Our kids are stressed out? Don’t worry, there are meds for that. Hey, the kids are just fine, let’s teach all those bad guns a lesson. After all, with parents being so busy, it must be the guns’ fault.

Roy Ayala