Don’t let criminals be the only ones with guns

Are the Hawaii legislators supporting the new gun control legislation dumb or just stupid? The inevitable direction for this is to eventually strip Americans of all firearms. Go online and check out the statistics of crimes where this has occurred (i.e., Australia). Citizens can’t protect their families and homes, and criminals know this. They have nothing to fear.

Also, the punishment for breaking the Hawaii firearm laws is some of the harshest in the nation. Are they going to fill up our prisons with average working-class people who don’t want to give up their constitutionally protected firearms? How about gun collectors who have spent tons of money collecting semiautomatic military firearms? Some are priceless.

Let’s send them to jail. Stupid. Wake up, Hawaii. Take away guns from law-abiding citizens and then only criminals will have them to use on you. ‘Nuff already.

Every American should be able to introduce some drug-induced jerk who breaks into their home and threatens their family to a couple of guys – Mr. Smith and Mr. Wesson.

Lynn Strickland