Amnesty for illegals will be costly for rest of us

This is the doomsday scenario for middle-class working people if illegal amnesty now being considered passes.

Picture this: 12 million to 20 million-plus suddenly become legal.The majority are high school dropouts or worse, so they are low-wage earners.

Now they file tax returns. And get all taxes back in refunds (state and federal). And they now get more money back from the Earned Income Tax Credit (due to valid Social Security numbers and kids) and Child Tax Credit on top of taxes refunded.

In 2006, the Congress introduced legislation to refund all Social Security taxes for low-wage earners. It didn’t pass then, but what if it does now?

Conclusion: Current illegals will not only not pay any taxes, the rest of us workers will also pay them for having kids and we get to pay our Social Security taxes and their Social Security taxes for them so they and their family can get benefits for life.

I can’t afford this. Can you? Can our country?

Steve Potter