OHA wasn’t made aware of Kakaako harbor agreement

In 2012, the state fulfilled its constitutional obligations to Native Hawaiians by providing the Office of Hawaiian Affairs with fee simple title to lands in Kakaako makai. However, to our surprise, the Hawaii Community Development Authority had agreed to lease the harbor in Kakaako for 50 years to a California-based marina operator and increase the boat slips to 243.

Now OHA is feeling heavy pressure from both entities to accept the harbor improvements, which include two “finger” piers that will extend from OHA’s Fisherman’s Wharf site. OHA was not aware of the HCDA’s commitment to the finger piers prior to our signing the settlement agreement with the state.

OHA needs its ocean front unobstructed to be able to master plan our area as a whole. Cruise ships docked in front of our property would violate our promise to the Kakaako community.

Rowena M. Akana


Office of Hawaiian Affairs