Vote on gun bill ignores the will of the people

Despite more than 200 public testimonies “opposing” compared to only five “supporting,” the state Senate Committee on Public Safety, Intergovernmental and Military Affairs has recommended that Senate Bill 69, the taxpayer-funded “gun buy-back bill,” be “passed with amendments.”

A big mahalo to Sen. Sam Slom, the only senator of the five-member committee whose “no” vote represented the over 200 voices opposing this bill, while the vote of Sen. Roz Baker, one of the introducers of the bill, was “excused.”

Respectfully, I have to ask: With such a large outcry to kill this bill, how do the “yes” votes of Sens. Will Espero, Brickwood Galuteria and Josh Green’s “yes” reflect the voice of the people of Hawaii?

Kathleen Campbell