Much good to be said for not-for-profit hospitals

Regarding private, not-for-profit hospitals: Such hospitals are granted tax-exemption status by the Internal Revenue Service. As a retired executive from such a facility, a religiously owned and operated 300-bed hospital, a comment on the Feb. 10 article is in order.

We have no union members at Sacred Heart Hospital in Eau Claire, Wis. But we do provide excellent salaries and benefits, including a defined-benefit pension plan.

As a nonprofit, we plow the bottom line into maintenance, remodeling, expansion and new equipment. Currently, we are in the middle of a $20 million project to replace the windows and HVAC system in our nine-story facility.

There are no government subsidies at any level outside of Medicare and Medicaid.

Plus, we write off millions in bad debt and provide millions in free care through our “Community Care” program. Scores of patients of modest income but not eligible for Medicaid with little or no health insurance are the people who qualify for “Community Care.”

Banner Health has a track record that Maui leadership should give serious consideration to.

John Prince

Eau Claire, Wis.