Company is concerned only about making a profit

An article appeared in the Feb. 15 paper about a contractor complaining about having some workers on the bench and more to be added because a very large development in Kihei was squashed by the state Land Use Commission because it violated a 1995 plan.

Well, can we all agree that we are on an island with definite limitations and grave restrictions for our living conditions? Does it matter that the people of Kihei and Wailea are against that monstrous development the contractor was counting on? The company hasn’t offered to share its profits with those workers that are on the bench, has it? Of course not. Its main concern is the profits it won’t make now.

Obviously, the contractor doesn’t have a concern about what that monster would cause on the roadways.

The proposed development at Olowalu would potentially cause approximately 3,000 more vehicles on the roadway there – that roadway which is already a gridlock from the pali to Puamana. Are we considered blind or stupid?

Both projects are just too big for Maui. Look at what has happened to Oahu. Are we wrong to not want that to happen here on Maui?

Gordon C. Cockett