Amendment’s protections must be guarded

None less than Ben Franklin – inventor, diplomat, publisher and patriot – was initially responsible for our Second Amendment protections.

His charter, both in spirit and wording, foreshadowed a declaration that would come three decades later. “Being thus unprotected by the government under which we live,” he wrote, “we do hereby, for our mutual defense and security, and for the security of our wives, children and estates . . . form ourselves into an Association.”

It was a well-armed association of ordinary citizens. They even had cannons.

Government today is barely little more responsive to our protection, able to arrive only after injury to us or our families, necessitating that we bear responsibility for our own protection if we really hope to assure it. That means you have the right to keep and bear arms against muggers, rapists, burglars, sociopaths, drug-crazed thieves and, oh yes, an increasingly tyrannical power craving government as well (as Thomas Jefferson forewarned).

Demand undiminished every right the wisdom of our Founding Fathers provided, remembering each of them was paid for repeatedly with blood. Jealously guard our Second Amendment.

Richard Mealey