Students show off senior projects

First Photo: King Kekaulike senior Mary Klein shows volunteer judge Leo Caires a saddle she built for her senior project Friday. Klein said she prepared rawhide and replaced an old saddle she found with new leather. “I love it,” she said. “It’s very comfortable and fits my horse.” The project took about 170 hours of work; she was mentored by leatherworkers Henry Silva and Gretchen Cardoso. The Class of 2013 members presented their individual senior projects to about 330 volunteer judges in classrooms across the campus.

Second Photo: Projects ranged from surfboard design to the campus beautification built by Seth Harmer, who sodded and developed about 5,000 square feet with donated materials. Adjacent to the front entrance of the school’s gym, the project took about 32 hours of work and includes a planter bench with a gravel walkway.