Current president is way better than previous one

In response to “America deserves better than the current president” (Letters, March 13): It seems the author is a bit confused. I thought the writer was talking about George W. Bush and the Republican Congress.

Here is what I remember: Bush and Dick Cheney took a surplus and turned into huge deficits. 9/11 happened on his watch, then he lied us into war in Iraq, costing us thousands of dead and wounded and did nothing for our returning veterans.

He then tried to eliminate Social Security and Medicare and added unpaid-for tax breaks to the deficit. Really created a lot of jobs, didn’t it?

Did I mention his great Wall Street oversight? We lost more than 750,000 jobs per month due to a president who did not have a clue as to what he was doing, and it is even more obvious now that he is gone his legacy is almost as dismal as Richard Nixon. Oh yeah, another Republican.

The Republicans have always put the rich and powerful ahead of the middle class and poor and it’s even more obvious today with their attempts at voter suppression, the war on women, anti-immigration, trying to repeal health care that can help millions finally get health insurance. The list goes on.

So I ask this question: What has the Republican Party ever done for you?

Oh, and yes, we did get a better president. Way better.

Rick Marts