Valued character qualities on the butcher block

The secret is out. So, how can the truth actually harm us, really? It seems we need more professionals to be professional, and that our most valued character qualities are on the butcher block.

The National Security Agency spying on our own citizens certainly could not have been surprising to anyone closely following history as it unfolds. So, I cannot help but wonder why so many still don’t recognize the apparent duality in our federal government.

Those who know the truth can choose one of following three:

* To be on the side of an agenda that could cost all our liberties.

* Remain silent and harbor secrets to stay employed.

* Or be a whistleblower because the truth really matters.

I stand with the truth at the cost of being shunned, because the overreach cannot possibly be justified when the Boston terrorists got away so easily with disrupting the peace. If all those clues from Russia didn’t wake the professionals, then how many more professionals will the government need to act as detectives on the common American? We, the common people, will have no access to all phone calls made by the administration members and their families. Who will be privy to their affiliations?

The truth is too few are serious about being informed.

Anyone opposing those who have liberal agendas is considered an enemy. This discrimination means the loss of our republic.

Nicoleta Neagoy