Nothing done about hazardous traffic at airport

I came to Hawaii in 1956 and have been at the airport on Maui since 1967.

The reason for this letter is the traffic at this airport. It looks like a speedway, not an airport, with cars doing 35 to 40 mph and higher with women and children crossing the street with bags and carts filled with bags. Anyone who has children knows they don’t look when they cross the road.

The stated goal of this airport and any airport is the safety and security of the passengers. Well, this is a very unsafe airport. And though I have sent many emails to the governor, he and the Department of Transportation people have done nothing. When some small child is killed maybe then they will act.

The governor was going to send someone to check the traffic, but guess what? They never showed.

I have talked to some of the law enforcement officers here and they have said they have been told not to issue tickets because they won’t allow them to go to court. So what? Nothing?

Clarence Suggs