Keep up the investigation of homeless shelter

It was great to see some investigative energy go into researching the management (or mismanagement?) of Ka Hale a Ke Ola Resource Center for the homeless (The Maui News, June 27).

The shelter administration has fired many good employees over the last several years for some pretty lame reasons; some of those folks had worked for Ka Hale a Ke Ola for more than 20 years. It was interesting to learn that our shelter is racking up $20,000 monthly debt and that it has never attempted to repay the county one dime of the $8 million it borrowed. Great that the county may take over management of the shelter since it technically owns it anyway. Had the Ka Hale a Ke Ola board been made aware of these issues before now?

Keep investigating, please.

Also, the mayor and his administration should be commended for finally getting rid of the Old Wailuku Post Office. This building has been wasting valuable space for many years and no one seemed to know what to do about it. It was a complicated project and this administration had the knowledge, skills and understanding to get ‘er done. Great job.

Karin Phaneuf