Blondes or Brunettes?

Four Seasons Resort Maui is in search of the answer to the age-old question: Blondes or Brunettes?

The resort team has tirelessly scanned the globe to bring the best of the best to Maui so critics may put an end to this classic debate once and for all.

So which side will win? Will it be summery pale ales and citrus-kissed lagers shimmering like Cameron Diaz’s locks? Or vuluptuous, hand-crafted chocolate brews and hazelnut stouts ala Jennifer Lopez?

It’s bound to be a battle of epic proportions, and it’s all about . . . beer, of course.

Yes, lovers of ale, lager, pilsner and stout will pour into the oceanfront lawn of the Four Seasons from 6 to 9 p.m. on Saturday for the third annual Brewhaha, and this year’s theme is Blondes vs. Brunettes.

“The lineup is the best yet,” says Nick Martin, manager of the Lobby Lounge, who was tasked with hand-picking the 14 specialty brews. “It’s not often that a selection of this quality, rarity and variety of hand-crafted brews is offered in one setting.”

As usual, the main focus will be the vast selection of top beers from around the world, quenching thirsts as attendees savor gourmet cuisine oceanfront as the sunset transforms into twinkling stars above.

Walk around to various booths and sip, say, Clown Shoes Sombreo Chocolate Ale from Massachusetts and Don de Dieu from Quebec, as you munch short-rib loco moco with sous-vide egg and black-truffle gravy, and cedar-plank salmon with blackberry-ginger gastrique.

This year, the resort will partner with Maui Brewing Co., which will showcase three of its more unusual beers, including the Bangerang Imperial Wheat Ale, brewed with local watermelon and pink peppercorn and the current favorite of Brewmaster Garrett Marrero.

“The Bangerang was created by one of our lead brewers, Kaiao Archer,” says Marrero. “He integrates local ag into the beer’s well and the result is an awesome innovation in craft beer.”

Maui Brewing Co.’s booth will also be flowing with Hula Honey Golden Ale and Pau Hana Pilsner. But does Marrero prefer Blondes or Brunettes?

“I’d say at the start of Brewhaha, I’ll be a Blonde lover, and probably kick it all off with a crisp, clean, simple, and refreshing Pau Hana Pilsner, then get a bit adventurous and dive into some more complex like the Bangerang or maybe La Fin du Monde,” he says.

Of course, the food will be phenomenal, planets apart from your typical kegger or beer bash.

Four Seasons Executive Sous Chef Sam Faggetti and his talented culinary team have perfectly paired the featured beers with stellar tastes.

Crunch spicy ahi tempura rolls with unagi sauce, sriracha and wasabi aioli; and fresh ono crudo with chili pepper water, black sea salt, micro cilantro and minced shallots as you quaff Rouge Morimoto Hazelnut Stout.

Meat lovers will want to sink their teeth into carne-asada tacos made with grilled prime skirt steak and served with fresh avocado, cilantro, sour cream, and Tamimi Farm pico de gallo; double-double cheeseburgers; and pork rillettes with chimichurri sauce.

You won’t need to ponder that age-old question. Just kick back, and imbibe in a little of both.