Mrs. Gump’s words aptly describe the U.S. House

Forrest Gump’s mother was correct: Stupid is as stupid does. One can be called simply naive by doing a stupid thing once. But if that person does the same stupid thing twice, he or she is stupid. If that same stupid thing is committed a third time, the person is insane.

Believe it or not, the U.S. House of Represtupids is doing it again. It dares again to bring the federal government to the brink of disaster, one in which it cannot pay the bills the same House of Represtupids voted earlier to incur, thus requiring an increase in the debt limit, and it remains stupidly obsessed with destroying a major piece of legislation the same body voted in favor of several years ago, Obamacare.

This body of stupids continues its lust of the rich at the expense of the middle class and the poor, and after obstruction after obstruction to prevent the economy from recovering from the crash that began during the administration of its like-minded president, it now wants to cut food stamps that even middle-class employed have had to draw on.

Perhaps the T-party should identify itself more closely by calling itself the S-party. Better yet, John Boehner, speaker of that House and chief cat herder, should realize he is supposed to lead that herd of crazies, not follow it.

Better yet still, the voters electing the passengers to steer this ship of fools need to heed the rebuking words of Forrest’s mama.

Howard Fields