Grocery store did not honor advertised price

Not long ago, one of the major airlines made a major mistake and listed some of its fares at $5 or $0. The people who jumped on the mistake before it was corrected received tickets. The airline magnanimously gave those ticket-holders their flight at the low price, since they had paid what was advertised.

Not long ago, I went to a grocery store to buy some beer as it was advertised. The ad said “12-Pack Maui Brewing, Deschutes, Sam Adams or 6-Pack Pabst 12-oz bottles or cans plus deposit and fees 7.97 Club Price!” I still have the ad and copied it verbatim.

When I couldn’t find those brands at the advertised price, I asked for help from the clerk. He couldn’t find them so he took my ad copy to the service desk. That person went back to the aisle with us and couldn’t find them either.

We went back to the desk and the service person went into a private office. After a long wait, she came out and said, “The price is wrong in the ad. You have to pay $13.79 for those brands.” I asked again if they were going to honor their advertised price. No. Two other Upcountry shoppers thought it was a ripoff. So I guess I’ll be buying my sale beer from Foodland or Longs from now on.

Dennis Lokmer