Schatz isn’t paid to fight against the Tea Party

Sen. Brian Schatz is advertising on TV for the upcoming 2014 elections. He states that he is working hard in D.C. on renewable and alternative energy.

That’s fine, but he goes on to state that he is fighting the Tea Party. I’m a bit shocked. I didn’t know that was what we paid him for.

As a founding member of the Maui Tea Party, I was taken back by this. Is he opposed to fiscal responsibility, limited government or freedom of speak and thought? Hey, I bet he wants higher taxes. We do not want higher taxes to pay for failing government and overreaching programs. Our government is wasting loads of our tax money.

I want to invite Schatz and everyone else to a Tea Party event or monthly meeting. All are welcome. We are your neighbors, co-workers and longtime taxpayers. We are Americans who don’t agree with the direction we see our country going.

Personally, I have paid taxes for more than four decades and have lost faith in this big-government direction we are going in. Limiting government intrusion in all our lives is healthy. History tells us this. It creates innovation and free market, which are part of the American dream. I’d like the next generations to enjoy what we have taken for granted.

Lisa Gapero