Resolutions for new year

The other day we facetiously posted some “resolutions” for the new year.

We’d like to add a few serious ones to that list today.

1. In 2014, we resolve to convince the citizens of Maui – and their County Council – that it is very important to conduct the public’s business in PUBLIC. Every single member of the current council may have the purest of hearts, but that doesn’t mean their successors will.

Sunshine Laws exist for a purpose and that is to protect and enlighten the citizenry. Corruption – and tyranny – are born in secrecy. We have never been able to figure out why some officials think it is dangerous to let the public know how and why certain decisions are reached.

The current lawsuit by the county to block the state’s Office of Information Practices from issuing a ruling on an executive session held by the council in August will disembowel Hawaii’s Sunshine Law if successful.

The county has refused to turn over unredacted minutes of that session to OIP to help it determine if it complied with the Sunshine Law.

If the county prevails, look for more and more executive sessions – they will become the rule instead of the exception.

2. While we run well over 1,500 letters to the editor in a normal year, since this is an election year we hope to double that number in 2014. Frankly, it has been a little slow during the holidays so we’d urge all of you with opinions to begin bombarding with your thoughts. If you prefer, you can go to the Virtual Newsroom and submit your opinions there.

3. Finally, we resolve to try personally to keep the spirit of the holidays alive all year long in 2014. Perhaps it was just because we had visiting family but Christmas 2013 seemed to present more joyous celebrations and more genuinely happy countenances than others in recent memory.

That optimistic feeling is an important thing to preserve in 2014.

* Editorials reflect the opinion of the publisher.