Other groups should also lose tax-exempt status

A Feb. 25 letter to the editor proposed that churches that told their members what the Bible says about homosexuality should be denied tax-exempt status.

I agree, though probably for different reasons. The writer likely thinks such a change would deny those churches the resources they need to survive. I see that when a church accepts the government’s offer of tax-exempt status they are already forced to conform to government dictate rather than to God’s word.

It is clear that the government we have is increasingly hostile to those who believe in the Bible. So, I think it’s best that all churches abandon their reliance on the tax-exempt status.

While we’re at it, though, we need to include organizations that are on the other side of our cultural debate. How about removing the tax-exempt status of Planned Parenthood, and the phony split that organizations like AARP and ACLU have created, both of which have huge commercial enterprises that are joined at the hip with their tax-exempt side?

And let’s take away the tax deduction that provides labor unions their income. We all know that they push plenty of politics in their activities.

Randy Conrads