Choose products made in USA over ones from China

Boy, every time you turn around we’re recalling more and more junk the Chinese pawn off on our country.

Now we have Petco recalling all animal treats made in China because of so many animal deaths. What next?

Folks, the Chinese don’t give a crap on what poisonous products or grossly prepared food products they sell here. I refuse to shop at certain stores just for this reason – it’s either going to break or be dangerous for your family.

I saw a video on the raising of tilapia from China and it shows them feeding the fish chicken manure; sold me right there in never buying any type of food from China.

It sometimes takes a few minutes more to look for American-made products and you may pay 10 percent more, but you can be guaranteed it’s safe for you and your family. In fact, if you look at a number of the sale items many are still made in the good old USA.

A report published by the Food and Drug Administration stated that there is an endless backlog on recalling products from China just because of poor quality or dangerous practices.

Folks, look on the labels and educate yourself. If it says made in China or PRC, put it back and look for alternatives.

Steve Kear