Animal studies have shown GMOs to be harmful

The July 2 headline, “EPA officials say no health issues seen in GMO papayas,” is not totally true.

I watched the testimony of the experts, and Dr. Lorrin Pang quoted journals and scientific fact about major problems from genetically modified organisms. There has never been a clinical study on humans, but animal studies worldwide have shown GMOs to be harmful, cause cancer, cause deformities and disabilities and even deaths.

I remember the heptachlor in our milk that wiped out our dairy industries in the 1980s and caused illnesses in our children, causing the state to shut the dairy industry down and import milk. Today, there are only a few dairies statewide. Yet these chemicals approved by the Food and Drug Administration and Environmental Protection Agency then now cause cancers and illness among workers as Dr. Pang emotionally talked about.

The Maui News seems to slant toward this GMO initiative being bad.

Jobs may be lost, but that is what pineapple and can industries said back in 1980s. They prospered for many years after until markets and mismanagement caused their demise.

I feel a company should not be afraid to label, say what it sprays, how it sprays and when it sprays. Consumers need to be able to make their own choices based on knowledge. Hiding does not put light on anything.

I am not for or against GMO but want scientific tests and facts that show it is not harmful. Truth will set you free.

Dennis Fitzpatrick