Dirty politics used to attack mayoral candidate

Neldon Mamuad was persecuted by political operatives of the Arakawa administration, causing the county to have to pay out tens of thousands of our tax dollars in legal fees and settlement money. And for what? Because Mamuad exercised his right of free speech. I was glad that he shoved it all back in their dirty faces by running for mayor. There have to be consequences when politicians engage in dirty tricks.

But nothing stops a dirty politician except losing. A lawyer was not acting on behalf of the mayor, honest he wasn’t, when he challenged Mamuad’s candidacy on a meaningless and likely unconstitutional technicality. And a judge went along, elevating form over substance, refusing to honor the people’s right to consider Mamuad’s candidacy. Sorry, Judge Peter Cahill, but that was a gutless decision.

It didn’t work. Karma, as they say, is a mean lady. Mamuad is on the ballot for mayor of Maui County and everyone should vote for him. The dirty tricksters will try to tell us that if he wins, he still loses. His votes won’t count, although his votes will be counted, according to the election clerk. I swear, that’s what the clerk is reported to have said (The Maui News, July 3).

Let’s elect Mamuad and see if some judge again denies the people the right to vote for the candidate of their choice. If Mamuad wins, he will be the mayor. Guaranteed.

Rick Tolin